K’s Choice – Shadowman LIVE [High Quality] – YouTube

K's Choice – Shadowman LIVE [High Quality] – YouTube.

I haven’t had the heart to post here since Dad died.

The Blue Moon is hanging outside my window and this song cues right in.


British English as it is, was, and could have been | PRI’s The World

British English as it is, was, and could have been | PRI's The World.


Sometimes a song or two just says it all…

These were the songs that today cried out for…


Drowning in the phonetic sea

I just spent close to two hours researching phonetics, phonemics, the IPA….and then Word Press ate my draft….Augh!  Good thing I bookmarked all those sites….

Still haven’t figured out the difference between the short form that pops up automatically and this form….in the sense of what they do and don’t do, and how on earth to get them to do what you want them to do….

All that aside…. with all the ESL info out there….despite all the ESL info out there 🙂 ….I’m thinking of doing a separate blog, to have a place to collect and organize the information… but a bit more interactive…to talk about the troubles I’m running into and perhaps to talk with others about how they’re doing…..

And it’s one way to get Brian that list of websites I promised…well, after the first draft I sent, which sooooo needs rewriting….

Maybe I can eventually come up with something for the people I’m working with….

I am going to publish this, even though it, like everything else I’m putting here these days, is truly a work in progress, needing much improvement…. more like a diary than anything else…I like to gabble… it helps me think…. please ignore until something interesting comes out…. 🙂


Yoga for Cyclists: Pre-Ride Warm Up

Yoga for Cyclists: Pre-Ride Warm Up.

I’ve been looking for something like this! Much as I hate to give any credence to merchantizing…

Also, have now tried the “press this button” successfully…


I love science fiction

I love science fiction