Testing IndieWeb Fun stuff

Hello, there!

Thanks to the https://indieweb.org/ wiki and tutorials, I’ve been having fun trying out some things like https://brid.gy/ and linking this website/blog to the one I have on Tumblr (never used) and to my Flickr account.

Let’s see what happens…..

Monday, August 18th – Travelling Day

Got a relaxed start 🙂

Stopped at the Blackstone Valley Rest Stop/Info Center (as always). Checked out how the pond was doing.


Pond at Blackstone Valley Rest Stop and Info Center

First official picture of the Sea…..


First Picture of the Sea on Vacation August 18, 2018 Dennisport, MA

Things were greyish, but the heat of the day had diffused and it was so nice to be here!

Unpacked, went out to dinner at Swan Pond restaurant with family.